What is InspiringChefs?

Cooking is much more than putting a couple of ingredients together, it is about telling a story.

At InspiringChefs we believe that behind every great dish there is a history, a culture, and an inspiring chef. That chef may be a Mother, an Auntie, a Cousin, or a Friend. They could be a Michelin-starred chef, a home-cook or a professional cook, but what brings them all together is their love of food, and the desire to carry on tradition, to share their passion, skills, and add in their own contemporary and visionary touch.

These are the people you will meet at InspiringChefs.

A collection of some of the finest and most passionate cooks with recipes, techniques, and stories to share from all over the world. 

Book a one-on-one class, throw a party with a difference, or meet other like-minded food-lovers at one of our open classes and be prepared to leave feeling inspired. We take our passion very seriously.

It's time to fall in love with cooking again.