Meet Keiko


Keiko is a professionally-trained sushi instructor and sushi chef. After taking a professional sushi chef course in Tokyo she was hired as a sushi instructor by a sushi school in both Tokyo and Sydney. Here, she managed classes for people training to be professional sushi chefs or those who simply wanted to learn for fun, from primary school kids to professionals at corporate team building events.

She also ran a Japanese restaurant in London as owner and commercial chef. Phew! Currently, Keiko works at a restaurant as a sushi chef and conducts weekly one-off sushi-making workshop from home. Before her culinary career, she was a Japanese language teacher for over 10 years in Sydney and Tokyo, so she has a fair amount of experience when it comes to helping people trying new things!

Keiko's love of cooking is a family affair - inspired by her mother, who always cooked with love, and her grandfather who was a chef, her earliest food memory is of steaming sticky rice, making them into small balls, skewering and grilling them with her grandpa.

Keiko wants her students to learn how easy and enjoyable it can be to make your own Sushi! It is so therapeutic as you use your bare hands, and there are no cooking utensils involved. Everyone can be a creative artist. There is only one rule: Cooking must be fun!


What would you take away from the class? "How easy and enjoyable it is to make your own Sushi! It is so therapeutic as you use your bare hands, no cooking utensils are used when making sushi. Everyone can be a creative artist."

Type Of Cuisine:

Sushi, Japanese home-cooking

Favourite dish:

Onigiri - rice ball. "The simplest rice dish, yet the tastiest! I am a rice lover!