Meet Richard


Richard has been teaching cooking classes for the past 2 years after being trained and inspired by the best; his mum. Richard has been immersed in the natural, rural side of cookery from a very young age. "From when I was 8, I would go camping with my brother. We spent a lot of time shooting then gutting and preparing the things we shot, and using whatever foods we could find, such as rabbit, which we would cook on a spit and eat with an apple and rosemary sauce." 

Richard is passionate about the true and scientific understanding of food and flavours. He believes anyone can cook but very few know what they are doing and why. He would like to change that.


What would you take away from the class? A new thirst for knowledge of how ingredients work together and the process behind doing so.

Type Of Cuisine: 

Experimental with a scientific understanding.

Favourite Dish:

Griddled scallops, crispy parma ham, minted pea purée and a lemon velouté. (looks amazing, cooked and prepared within 15 minutes).